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Bubble Witch Saga 3 Level 156

How do I get through level 156 in Bubble Witch 3 Saga - any good tips? I have been at the same level for weeks now and do not know how to move on? 


  • LynetteLynette Posts: 4,102 Pet Rescue Moderator

    Hi Bamseline, personally I think the Levels in this game get too difficult too soon!   

    My tips are to always aim for the +5 bubbles first, to get more moves.

    Then aim for as high in the game as you can go.

    Look out for the directional line blasters and try to use them when they are pointing up.

    Some times they will point at +5 bubbles too so use them to get more moves.

    Fill Nero's orb whenever you don't have bubbles that will match those on the board.

    Here is an example for you:

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