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Replenish lives

Why dont they make the lives replenish from multiple friends like they do in Candy Crush? Its annoying only being able to get one life at a time even though multiple people are sending them.


  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,498 Community Manager

    Hi Amanda- Thanks for posting on King Care. Thanks for the feedback, you are right the lives do indeed work a little differently in Bubble Witch 3. All of our games work slightly different and based on player feedback we have changed the way that lives work in this game. 

    Sending and receiving lives is quite straight forward in Bubble Witch Saga 3. Keep an eye out for Flynn, the postal Owl who will appear on your game map when friends have asked you to send them lives. Click on Flynn to see who needs your help and send the lives winging back to your friends.

    As soon as you run out of lives then you are given the option to ask your friends to send you some help or use the lives which have already been sent to you.

    Once your friends confirm the request, then Flynn will wing his way back to you and deliver your precious gifts, just click to accept and get back to the fun.

    Please note that you can only accept a maximum of 5 extra lives from friends and only when you have no lives left. If your friend sends you multiple sets of lives then you will only see one set in the queue, once they have been accepted then you will be able to receive any more requests which are then resent.

    If you wish you purchase extra lives, simply use up all of the help that has been sent to you and a pop up will appear offering you the option to buy more lives. 

    Have a magical week! 

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