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Fairies at the neighbors

astongastong Posts: 4 Newbie

Each day there are fairies at some of your neighbor's homes. You visit, capture fairies, and earn fairy dust. It used to be fairies at at least 4 homes at least 3 times a day. So, if I visited my neighbor's homes and collected fairies, I could go back several hours later and see more fairies at other neighbors' homes and collect more again. Suddenly, one day there was a glitch and my fairy dust points would show at 10,000 instead of 20 some thousand, but would later correct itself. Now all of a sudden only one home has fairies once a day or so. Where have all the fairies gone? I know I can't upgrade my home yet... not until you all add more upgrades and fix the glitches I keep reading about, but I still want to stock up on fairy dust for when upgrades to my home are finally available. Wish you all would post more on glitches, what you're working on, and when you think you'll be done updating and adding on to the game. Good luck with the game maintenance.


  • WunderbaumWunderbaum Posts: 4,398 Level 3

    Hi Astong!

    Which version of the game do you have installed?

    I suggest you start with checking for updates on Google Play.

    20.000 Fairy Dusts sounds like a lot so it might be that you have reached some kind of limit.


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  • astongastong Posts: 4 Newbie

     I have made sure to have all the latest updates. I even had to uninstall and reinstall the game a couple of weeks ago due to a serious glitch that the updates weren't fixing. 

    I thought there might me a limit, but now I'm at 30,000 from completing quests... and I'm still able to earn fairy dust through those.  

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