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Not feeling the magic anymore...

LemurtekLemurtek Posts: 2,005 Level 4

Dear Stella-

Not sure why, but it seems you continue to give me the cold shoulder. For the past several weeks, I have seen no special events, such as the Witches/Royal path, Magic Ritual, Fairy dash etc. Even the Conjure games/Astral league no longer showed up. Then the n a few days ago, the Astral league finally showed up (on my PC bot not on my Pone) with a slightly new paint job. But... It's no longer updating my score, which remains at 0, despite 20+ levels won, each with 43 Stars. U have tried shutting the game off and restarting, which did nothing to solve the issue. I have tried logging out and logging back in, nothing.

I don't no what's going on with your formerly bubblific realm, but Stella, you and your crew are not shining as bright for me as they used to. Something feels fundamently broken in the Witch world, and it seems like my favorite friendly witch no longer even cares. Us Lemurs are pretty faithful, but we do like to feel some reciprocation. Still, I will be here, should your feelings change.

Ever Yours-



  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 12,643 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @Lemurtek Unfortunately yes the events get shuffled around players and we can go some time without out but eventually they will re appear

    With the leagues this is new better updated version that is currently rolled out to some players as a test but your score should increase

    We have just had an update can you check yours is still not left pending as this could be why 💓

  • LemurtekLemurtek Posts: 2,005 Level 4

    Hi @PrettyBubbles - I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of "new and better" It may be shinier, but if it doesn't update your score after days of playing and passing levels, it's pretty pointless. Having said that, today it finally decided to give me credit for winning a level. I suppose I should be grateful I have a few days left to catch up.😕

  • Chris_ForrestChris_Forrest Posts: 263 Level 3

    I agree with you @Lemurtek .

    I have just been "popping bubbles" all the time until recently, when the new event

    decided to turn up, and then i had only 3 day`s to complete it. There should always

    be excitement to a game to keep player`s interested, but after all the moaning and

    complaining, i am still here, just "popping bubbles". I understand what @PrettyBubbles

    is saying, when she talks about thing`s get shuffled around, but to leave player`s with nothing,

    no story line, no unexpected turns and twists, can leave player`s thinking "is this all it is?".

    But of course, unless it`s an event like the one you were talking about, then KING WILL NOT

    add anything new. "Too much trouble, too much re-programming, too much blah blah, and you

    wonder why player`s complain. It was not too much for KING to do when Stella`s house had to

    be created, and then, the Star Cat`s needed a home, so why not continue from there?.

    It sure would be great to build a home for the infamous Wilbur, and what about Nero?.

    Money and interest is slowly disappearing from this game, if all i am left to do is "pop pop pop".

  • LemurtekLemurtek Posts: 2,005 Level 4

    It would be great to have more home building adventures, that always was fun. As far as the events go, I understand they are sent out only to a select few. I understand that, but I don't like that policy, it's unfair and ends up causing a lot of sore feelings. But aside from that, the whole event thing is just no fun anymore. I receive an event, play it for a bit, and then it disappears, usually when I either have to shut the game down or the game crashes. So I rarely get to finish an event, like the Witches/Roayl Rayal path, Fairy Dsh, Magic Ritual. Etc. I actually like the bubble Popping of each level, but knowing these events are happening and being excluded from them is really taking some of the fun out of the game.

  • PrettyBubblesPrettyBubbles Posts: 12,643 Bubble Witch Moderator

    Hi @Lemurtek and @Chris_Forrest

    Sorry you guys are disappointed its something we don't like to see, our aim is to keep our players happy as they are valued members in our community

    When it comes to any events its the same for all of us they come and go. Yes I get its annoying but any event is not rolled out to us all that's why they get moved around but I am always patient and excited to see when the studio once again sprinkles there magic our way 💓

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