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Lost all progress on Workshop

I have lost all my progress on my Workshop I play on my Phone and Kindle Fire I had upgraded it on my Kindle Fire. A day later I went to play on my phone and upgrade it on my phone and when I clicked upgrade lost all progress.


  • LynetteLynette Posts: 4,102 Pet Rescue Moderator

    Sorry you lost your home upgrades bowling255. I've had this happen before also when playing on different devices. I will let the King team know, but am not sure if home upgrades can be restored :(

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  • Tony_McTony_Mc Posts: 4,138 Level 3

    Hi bowling255,

    Thank you for posting this here on King Care.

    I´m sorry you lost this in Bubble Witch 3 Saga. 

    Please always make sure you update the app to the latest version available on all your devices.

    I have sent you a private message regarding your account. You should be able to see it in your inbox here on King Care.

    Kindest regards,

    Tony - King Care Team

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