Bubble witch saga 3 have no sound (FIXED)

cristalinecristaline Posts: 3
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Bubble witch saga 3 have no sound on windows 10, since several days. But music works.

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  • andresebuandresebu Posts: 1
    I cant find any solution from forums. No sound after win 10 update, using PC.
  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 10,915 Superstar
    edited July 14
    Hi @cristaline I do love playing BW3 with sounds when I’m home, so I  feel your frustration. I found this answer from another superstar and I hope it help. Type this into your address bar  chrome : // flags / #auto play-policy  On the highlighted option choose no user gesture required and restart your browser. Let me know it if work 😊
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  • cristalinecristaline Posts: 3
    Hello, Thanks but I don't understand the answer because I don't play on a browser but directly on my pc and 3 days ago it was still working
    Also my browser is Firefox.

  • cristalinecristaline Posts: 3
    I just played  candy crush  of king and no problem with the sound. I think more about a specific game bug

  • alien142alien142 Posts: 2
    I'm glad to see others playing at 3 a.m.!! Thanks for making me feel "normal?" Lol
  • alien142alien142 Posts: 2
    Are there any players in Kennewick wa?
  • deacong2001deacong2001 Posts: 1
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