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Why can I not open my mail on Bubble Witch2 saga? I also cannot ask for lives. :(

I cannot open my mail. It says I have mail but each time I click on it, it goes gray like I do not have mail. I also cannot ask for lives. What is wrong? 


  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 5,121 Superstar
    Hello @Jeanean_Ashe, Hope you are having a nice day/evening :) 

    What is happening when you try to open your Envelope?  Are you seeing any message?

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    Talk to you soon!  Have a nice evening!

    P.S:  By the way, you have posted in Candy Crush section but not in Bubble Witch 2 section.  But, it is OK!  I will request the Community Manager to move this thread to Bubble Witch category :+1: 
  • Jelly JennyJelly Jenny Posts: 1,905 Community Moderator
    Moving the post to Bubble Witch area! :waving:

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  • Jeanean_AsheJeanean_Ashe Posts: 20
    No It goes to gray. I do not see anything when I click on my messages except it going to gray like I do not have any messages. I cannot ask for lives either. This has been happening all week.   This is why I came here to see if anybody could help. 
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