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Problem Receiving/sending lives

attiatti Posts: 2
I no longer can send or receive lives.  Friends send them I click on the envelope and nothing happens.  n I can't even ask friends for lives.


  • Sularis1Sularis1 Posts: 1
    I have same problem.
  • cffemkrcffemkr Posts: 2
    me 3 tired o problems
  • bmaulbmaul Posts: 4
    I am having the same problem. Help
  • AnnetteHMAnnetteHM Posts: 1
    There is a fault with accepting lives from the envelope.  Refreshing the screen does not solve the problem.  I have been unable to claim seven lives, now I only have one to claim and still cannot receive it. This is happening on my laptop, playing through facebook.  I use Windows 10.
  • cffemkrcffemkr Posts: 2
    Yep that is exactly my problem.  Laptop, windows 10, playing in facebook. They need to get there **** together. 
  • QueenRaffieQueenRaffie Posts: 318 Community Manager
    Hello everyone  :)

    First of all, welcome to our Community :hurrah:

    I see you had some issues asking and/or sending lives
    Last week we reported this issue to Facebook and I just wanted to inform you that FB solved it last Thursday. 

    The issue with permissions to access Friends list is more concern to the permissions you allow on your Facebook app rather than with our games. Some players said that they had the App Visibility checked in private mode. So just changing that box it should be fixed.
    On this link, you can find some troubleshooting to help you out 

    Hopefully, with this you will back on track and to enjoy the game 

    Also, if you want, you can have a look at our Community Home Page here and participate in any of our competitions
    Have a bubblific day hurrah

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