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  • shanda0413shanda0413 Posts: 39 Level 2
    @Chicken_Slayer I sent that msg yesterday (I thought ) lol and actually it didn't go through till now.but yeah it has to be different colors to wake the tree. But if we was in the same color and you complete it then I did, im basically wasted one of my turns. 
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  • shanda0413shanda0413 Posts: 39 Level 2
    @Chicken_Slayer it has already happened to me first thing thing morning  so now can't wake the tree till tomorrow.🤬
  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 15,660 Farm Moderator
    Oh nooooo :(
    I normally just look for the easiest selection so hadn't noticed the options lol.
  • TempleKassingTempleKassing Posts: 73 Level 2

    Well.... I was so excited....I beat chapter 111 and I was like “Leo’s Cup here I come”!

    Nope. It’s. Closed. 😥

  • TempleKassingTempleKassing Posts: 73 Level 2


    Yep,. Never fails!!! I wonder if Queen has sent this topic to the studio yet? It would be amazing to have the time limit lowered!!!

  • Lady_ChooLady_Choo Posts: 15,660 Farm Moderator

    Feedback is always passed on quickly @TempleKassing however that is sadly no guarentee anything will happen or happen quickly. If it does, its often after they have finished everything else they need to do first as they have a priority list starting with a broken game, glitches, new features, events etc, adding new levels to that and future plans for things, so changes might take a while. It might not. If it does happen. But it might, just so you know :)

  • TempleKassingTempleKassing Posts: 73 Level 2

    @Chicken_Slayer thanks!! I guessed as much. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a game. 😁 It’s just on my wish list! 😎

  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 3,693 Community Manager
    edited February 2020

    Hello everyone!

    Yes, I passed this to the Studio and got this morning their response.

    About the time limit, as I said nothing it can be done. The time limit is 24h which is the same for many events to give the opportunity to players across the world to participate. I know that it can be frustrating for players engaged like you guys but that is the way it works.

    About other players picking up the same colour it seems to be fair. In the end, it's about working together to get the 4 tiles. Why can they choose the same colour? Because all players who complete at least one task in the board get a reward. And also, because this will mean they are never stuck waiting for other team members if they pick a tile and are not active.,

    Hope all this info helps to clarify things 🤗

    Have a Bubblific Thrusday ☺️

  • shanda0413shanda0413 Posts: 39 Level 2

    @QueenRaffie i believe I was misunderstood about the same flower, when on the same flower and both complete it then someone is basically losing a turn. Cause bother ppl can get credit for the same flower. But its not that big of a deal.

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