Creating special candies and combinations

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Once you're familiar with the basic candy switching and matching skills, it's time to skill-up and learn the tips and tricks to create special candies.

Special candies can be created on your game board which will help you make light work of any challenge ahead. Special candies can blast away blocked areas, clear candies you need to collect and wipe out any task obstacle holding you up.

Matching 3 candies as you already know, will clear those candies from the board.

Matching 4 candies in a row will create a Striped Candy. When the Striped Candy is then matched with 2 or more of the same color, it'll blast a horizontal or vertical line of candies in it's path. You can see the direction it's going to blast in, by the direction of the stripes on the candy.

Matching 4 candies in a square will create a Swedish Fish candy. This sweet swimmer will shimmy it's way over to a candy or blocker which may need to be removed from the board. It might even hit a special candy, if there are any waiting to be triggered.

Matching 5 candies in a row will create the legendary Color Bomb candy. When matched with another candy, this speckled sparkler will zap out all of the same type of candies you match it is. Wipe-out!

The jewel in the special candies crown in the Coloring Candy. This elusive but extraordinary candy isn't easy to create, but if you can manage it the rewards are spectacular.

Match 6 candies in a T shape (there must be at least 5 candies in a row to activate this special match). When you match the Coloring Candy with any candy on the board, each candy of the color you matched will become the color of the Coloring Candy.

If you're able to match two special candies together, then it can totally turn the game in your favor. Try matching a Color Bomb with a Striped Candy or a Coloring Candy with a Swedish Fish - watch for the fantastic outcomes!

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