How do lives work?

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Lives in Candy Crush Friends Saga will work slightly different than some of our other Candy games, to which you might be familiar. You'll still have five lives, but when you run out you can only receive help from your friends when you have fewer than 5 lives already.

To get them, you need to click the heart-meter on the top-left corner. You can’t choose to only accept one life and keep storing the rest. Therefore, if you have 0 lives, it will go up to 5 (if 5 friends have sent help to you). After receiving a life, you will also have the option to send lives to other friends!

If your friend sends you multiple sets of lives then you will only see one set in the queue, once they have been accepted then you will be able to receive any more requests which are then re-sent.

If you run out of lives, you will have the chance to ask your friends to help you, or you can use the lives that have already been received.

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