Gift boxes and fragment collections

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As you make your way along the path of levels in Candy Crush Friends Saga, you'll see the opportunities to open gift boxes, containing tasty treats!

Inside are fragments, which you can add to your collections in your Scrapbook. Your Scrapbook can be viewed at any time by tapping the book icon at the bottom of the map screen. Each collected group of fragments will unlock new characters, new costumes and perhaps new treats as power boosters and extra lives can be unlocked using the collected fragments. 

You can also receive special timed treat boosters, which will be shown with a yellow thunderbolt on, so collect those fragments to enable this handy helper. The Friendly Charge booster can also be powered by fragments collected when you use your friend's power. 

Be sure to check your totals increase for each category when you reach each gift box and view and collect your reward when they're complete!

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