The game says I have to wait hundreds of minutes for my next life. What’s happened?

If you have recently changed the time on your device (due to travelling or other reasons) this may affect the lives timer in the game. To fix the issue, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the game and check how long you have to wait for your next life.
  • Now set the clock on your device forward by that amount of time.

For example, if the game says “100 hours until your next life” you'll need to change the date in your phone’s calendar. Work out how many days are in the amount of hours you need to wait, so for this example 4 days and 4 hours and set the date and time forward accordingly.

  • Now briefly return to the game’s map screen to allow this to register.
  • Then go back to your device's time setting menu and restore the time and date back to the correct setting.
  • Finally, turn off your device for 10 seconds and the restart it. This should now be all fixed!
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