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I have unauthorized charges on my iTunes account.

First, take a moment to check your iTunes purchase history so you can see clearly which purchases the final billing charges relate to. Apple’s guide to checking your purchases can be found here: here

If the purchase was accidental or by someone you know

If your purchase was made accidentally, please see Apple’s guide on protecting your device against accidental or unauthorized purchases please click here. If you tap ‘report a problem’ on the bill, you can also request a refund from Apple for your purchase.

If it’s still not recognized, report it to Apple immediately 

King would never apply charges to players’ accounts without authorization and there are no hidden features or purchases in any of our games. All in-game purchases need to be initiated by the player in-game, or someone who has access to their device. Before a purchase is completed the buyer must also confirm iTunes payment details by submitting their App Store password or giving Touch ID authorization to confirm the purchase.

If the purchase has therefore been done without your consent or knowledge, using methods to bypass the security of your account, you must immediately report this to Apple. They can be contacted here, for issues concerning activity and fraud on your account please click here

iTunes will investigate this, the security of your account, and arrange any appropriate refunds for purchases carried out without your consent. We also strongly urge you to contact your bank and the police to report the fraud.

For additional help in protecting your device against accidental or unauthorized purchases please visit their official guide here

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