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recharging lives faster

mohumohmohumoh Posts: 4
edited October 2018 in Ideas
i think you should decrease the life recharge time from 30mins to 10mins this way we can get chance to play this game more often....sometimes waiting becomes too frustrating and some people even uninstall the keeping people a little bit more hooked up wont spoil your game too....
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  • mohumohmohumoh Posts: 4
    people reading the above post about the time taken for a life to be recharged....plzzzz support me as many of u like me would like to keep on playing the game.....since the levels are soo hooking....i recently download candy crush frnds nd have reached level 96.....plsss b kind enough to reduce the time for recharge...
  • Bubba1990Bubba1990 Posts: 21 ✭✭
    I agree
  • Bubba1990Bubba1990 Posts: 21 ✭✭
    And I support you
  • i support a lot of these comments I wish I could get free lives for ever but that won't happen I hope the people I picked in the community will be my friends I really need lives sent to me this is my first time here and I hope y'all help me so far know one is reaching out to me I really like playing this game so please please read all my comments God bless everyone and have a great day your king friend Christina Stevens please help with lives thank you
  • Bubba1990Bubba1990 Posts: 21 ✭✭
    I sends lives everytime I play but no ones sends me any.
  • mohumohmohumoh Posts: 4
    dont worry bubba1990...dats y this community is here for....😃
  • LucindaLucinda Posts: 0
    It would make it more fun when there's unlimited lives or the time with a new live is shorter...thank you
  • Divo_hotDivo_hot Posts: 0
    It would be better if the game gives some hours of lives.
    It's like Candy Crush Soda which has this mecanism. It gives us some boxes containing Boosters and Lives infinity with a specific time (can be one hour, two hours, etc.)

    Therefore, i think would be so awesome if you guys give this support for us - players!

    Thank you! 💓🍃
  • angel1367angel1367 Posts: 2
    And I support you Too
  • aartiaarti Posts: 1
    Pls reduce the time of lives from 30 minutes to 10 mins thats way we have a chance to play game more often
  • HossHoss Posts: 1
    I love the game don't change much but the recharge time needs to b cut in half 
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