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Hints revealed only when needed.

jssrose14jssrose14 Posts: 1
Have an option to hide the hints, and click a button to reveal the hints as you need them. Its rather annoying sometimes when you're trying to focus.
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  • TroyTroy Posts: 2
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,586 Legend
    Personally, I don’t find the hints to be that annoying, but I do think it would nice to add a hide feature. 

  • seagull398seagull398 Posts: 22 ✭✭
    you could have hints that you earn in the stickers
  • Mykids3Mykids3 Posts: 0
    If I don't respond to a move the candy starts blinking, telling me where to play and mess up my whole concentration sometimes. No blinking candies
  • MamaK2019MamaK2019 Posts: 1
    I agree.  Should have the option for hints.  Be able to turn them off or on. 
  • mattprimmmattprimm Posts: 1
    Please make it an option to turn this off. I picked the game back up for a few days and the immediate suggested move was annoying. I really prefer the option of being able to make an independent choice.
  • peppipeppi Posts: 1
    edited February 15
    Some Level för me could be better play if i could switch the helper Off, but it is Not possible. So crushed candies or fishes were thrown in my strategie . I don t like to play again.
  • charBAMcharBAM Posts: 1
    Please please give players the option of turning off the hint feature. It is incredibly distracting, and ruins my concentration and ability to strategize.  I cannot commit fully, if at all, until I have the option of turning it off...because there is no point in playing if I cant focus/strategize.
  • queen_candy61whesterqueen_candy61whester Posts: 203 ✭✭✭✭
    I need all boosters in game.
  • copperterracopperterra Posts: 3
    I would at least like the hint to wait 10 seconds or so before flashing.  I don't even get time to figure out a strategy before that thing is flashing and driving me nuts.  Sometimes I purposely will mess up the hint it gives me because I don't want it telling me how to play.
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