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Extra moves

iilovehuggs2iilovehuggs2 Posts: 1
edited November 30 in Ideas
Every time you don't make it through a level you should add 1 extra move in that level until you mastered that level.
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  • Pummy_RajPummy_Raj Posts: 167 ✭✭✭
    Hello @iilovehuggs2!  Welcome to the Candy Friends Community  :)

    To start with, it is a good idea.  But, I am not sure it works though!!  The main reason we loose a level mostly because lack of Strategy.  Sometimes, it's not a good board with not right combo of the candies & other times, we are just not lucky!! 

    So, the KING board adding an extra move each time we loose level might not be possible.  Also, there are lots of players who are very good & finished all the levels & waiting for new episodes.  It would not be fair to them who have completed in less number of moves and us playing with more moves!!  Just a thought!!
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