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Characters and the stickers required for their costumes

melhencemelhence Posts: 19 ✭✭
The outfits are nice but they should be more productive...there should be some variance of character benefits for different outfits...eg even the outfits which require 450 stickers give the same benefit as costume collected with 100 or 200 stickers...I feel it would be more fun to collect stickers if some stake of character benefit is involved
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  • Pummy_RajPummy_Raj Posts: 167 ✭✭✭
    Hello @melhence!

    That is nice idea to receive more benefits from the "Candy Friends" when we spent lot of time to collect them.  

    The more time we spend, the more their power should be.  For ex: Odus is giving 2 Striped Candies right now.  So, Tropical Version of him should give 2 Striped Candies ALONG WITH a Wrapped Candy or may be a Color Bomb (just like Misty - the Unicorn does).  Hope the board approves it  ;)
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