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Make costumes with extra power



  • SeraphicStarSeraphicStar Posts: 4,463 Superstar
    One change I noticed recently that I don't think was there before is that costumes now have "rarity levels". :o

    With that in mind I believe the higher rarity costumes should have more power/cost fewer candies to use their special skill :chuffed:

    Still hoping this idea gets enough notice and is considered by the studio! :3
  • bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 5,502 Superstar
    I too think there should be a difference with each costume you get. May be the first new costume for Tiffi, you need 1 less candy and the second two less. For rare costumes add an additional booster (for example instead of three fish have 4 or 5). Even a small change with each new costume would be worth it!

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  • duartebrandiduartebrandi Posts: 1 New Bee
    The costume are cute but their just that. If they all start at a certain amount for the rewards its fine but allow each costume to be upgraded or to be able to unlock a new upgrade.

     Also i think it would be more fun if we can choose where points can go instead of just random boxes being open. Keep random boxes for special treats like if you break the icon in the level or unlock the box with the flying key or pass the challenge, but give points to upgrade the characters. For example if you passed a level with a certain character then you get points to use on any costume you have for that character you have already unlocked. The rarer the costume the more special the bonus is when you collect the required amounts.

     Also I think with upgrades available then you should be able to select the characters you want to use .. maybe have a time limit before you can replace them with new characters .

     Allow at least  two blank places to be filled but you can only have the character once on the board but in any costume. Then place a timer on that character before it can be changed making your choices more important to pass the levels. If you choose wrong you have to wait to exchange them out. This makes upgrades to characters a challenge. 

    The points also can be based on the amount of stars you get for the level, also you can only earn point for your character from the point in the game you unlocked that character preventing high level character from going back to the first levels to earn points.
  • susanwatsonsusanwatson Posts: 0 New Bee
    melhence said:
    The stickers of characters with different styles get all mixed up..also it seems futile as all costumes have same power..maybe it could be tweeked where the higher stickers gave the character more power too

  • susanwatsonsusanwatson Posts: 0 New Bee
    when we receive lives from friends. We can only use 5..why can't we use them all?
  • queen_candy61whesterqueen_candy61whester Posts: 203 Level 3
    Tiffi is sweet girl.
    But a characters in costume personality in collection.

    1. Pink Dress 
    2. Pink Shoes  
    3. Pink Tayt   
    4. Pink Bow  
    5. Mascara  
    6. Pink Blush  
    7. Foundation  
    8. Nailpolish  
    9. Makeup Base  
    10.  Lipbalm  
  • hello1hello1 Posts: 4 New Bee
    Yes I think it's a wonderful idea you should definitely do that.
  • KrushinKenzKrushinKenz Posts: 3 New Bee
    Yes newbie here, I love this idea!
  • mkirsten65mkirsten65 Posts: 2 New Bee
    Absolutely! Great suggestions by melhence! If I have to use Odus 10 times in a row because I'm not solving the level, don't want to spend gold bars or boosters, powering up the costumes or even offering a "Powered up Costume" would definitely keep me playing!
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