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Rainbow Costume Issue



  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 3,275 Legend
    Thanks @QueenMia! I’ve never seen it as an option on my phone so must not be available for iPhone users.
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  • AlansmartAlansmart Posts: 1,024 Superstar
    Hey @Foley1362, I roll with an S9 so it isn't only iPhone users who are the AB test
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  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 3,275 Legend
    Alansmart said:
    Hey @Foley1362, I roll with an S9 so it isn't only iPhone users who are the AB test
    Hey @Alansmart - glad to know they aren’t picking on just me LOL 😂🤣
    With great knowledge comes great responsibility! 🍬🙏🏻
  • quad5quad5 Posts: 8
    Hello and thanks @QueenMia. Look forward to seeing what y'all find out.

    Hi @matildaheidi. Congrats. Am happy you aren't experiencing any difficulties and have obtained the rainbow.

    Hi @Alansmart. Not sure if @QueenMia saw that about the character confusion based on her response: mobile issue from @Foley1362 got answered and they're working on my app resetting issue. Guess we'll see once she's taken care of the app and/or looks back over the thread. Good to know that it's been a topic of discussion albeit without a definitive answer it seems.
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 3,237 Community Manager
    Hi there @quad5

    I hope you're getting ready for the weekend :)

    We've reviewed your game and could not find any issue. It seems that you have reached tier 1 and then, possibly, closed during a game with Tiffi (any outfit) or didn’t pass the second level (in a row) and then went back to 0.

    If you make sure to play with the same character, same outfit 5 times in a row, it should work fine. I'm sorry that's not the most helpful but we really can't see anything wrong. Tried it and managed to get the rainbow outfit.

    If you still don't manage, try to give us as much info as to how your proceed and so on and we'll be able to look at it again but can't guarantee any results. 

    Thanks and have a great weekend! If that's of any help, there are 2 great contests where you can win some pretty sweet rewards... Just check here! Good luck :star:

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  • quad5quad5 Posts: 8
    Hello @QueenMia. The week went by so fast that I can't believe it's the weekend again already. Ready or not, it's here and I'll manage to exhale and get rested for another Monday/week.

    Not even sure I can provide any more information or explain the issue any better. I know what I did/didn't do and made sure to document the issue via screenshots. I appreciate the time y'all spent looking into this and just wish the issue would've appeared on y'all's end. However, it didn't and that's okay. You've done all you could and as such, an impasse has occurred. I'll just play and see if it continues or not.

    One question is raised based on what you wrote about winning with 'same outfit': Does that mean exactly what you wrote: i.e. - 4 in a row with Tiffi and then switching to Tiffi Turkey won't give me 5? If so, then logic dictates we should be able to switch outfits w/ a character and chase daily quests without losing progress depending on whether or not we lose a level in that pursuit.

    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.
  • quad5quad5 Posts: 8
    @QueenMia - Just noticed a mishap in last sentence of final paragraph I typed on Fri.  Should've wrote '...regardless of whether or not...' instead of '...depending on...', so my thought process made more sense and was clear. Also, makes it easier on you or others to answer. Apologies.
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