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Choose where to place booster during the game

pattycakes56pattycakes56 Posts: 2
edited February 8 in Ideas
I would like to be able to place earned bonus candies, (striped, bombs, etc.) myself rather than have them randomly placed. It's frustrating to get right down to the end of your turns, thinking the candy piece you just worked to earn will win the level, but it's placed somewhere that does no good.
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  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,441 Community Manager
    HI @Pattycake and thanks for the feedback!

    Are you referring to the booster "sent" by your Friend during the game? Like the fish from Tiffi for instance or something else?

    Thanks for the clarification! Happy crushing :D 

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  • pattycakes56pattycakes56 Posts: 2
    Hi QueenMia,
    Yes, I am referring to the items Friends give me during the game.
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