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Get more in-game rewards

Rachel913Rachel913 Posts: 1
edited February 6 in Ideas
Give us color bombs for an hour or something like that. Also need a way to earn gold bars vs buying them. Not everyone can break the Bank. 
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  • BohemianBugBohemianBug Posts: 1
    I think 3.99 for 30 bars is kinda steep.  There should be other ways to get bars then paying for them since you can clearly see the game is rigged.  There are many times I have played and the board shuffled 5 or more times in one game because there were no moves. 
  • MelClevMelClev Posts: 4
    It would be nice if your daily bonus included more in game bonuses like gives you a hammer or an extra fish. Meaning like how the original Candy Crush does instead of having to earn so many to collect a hammer, ECT. It would be MORE exciting. I've had several friends that get so stuck on a level because we can't collect the "help" objects that the game is no longer fun and they delete. We can't afford to purchase these. I hope you're understanding what I'm trying to say. I like the friends version alot but it is becoming difficult to keep playing when you RARELY get objects to help. 
  • JennWhoJennWho Posts: 32 ✭✭
    I completely agree. It feels a bit "15 Million Merits" to be earning all these points towards outfit changes for the characters. I don't need the Yeti in a new outfit dressing up for Halloween. I need hammers and striped candies that help me beat levels.
  • MelClevMelClev Posts: 4
    YES YES YES. That's what I'm saying. I could care less about what they're wearing
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