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Extra life

trollet_2019trollet_2019 Posts: 1
I skuld like to wish for that we should be able to get lifes by doing some quest beside the game. Like a question, a little level, a riddle, or something like that. And also den we have sent the request för extralife to the other players that we could see who plays and click on that caracter and ask for lifes one by one. And when we give lifes we should be able to mark so that when we give life to same player we only have to click one time and not 2 or 3, we should be able to mark and dont need to be reminded again. 
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  • jeanie5815jeanie5815 Posts: 19 ✭✭
    "What steps" do we take to "ask friends" for more lives.? I responded to another post about getting lives, but I think the responder didn't know what I meant. I looked in all the areas that had about "lives" but didn't see "how" we do it.
    Please any help would be appreciated.
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