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Be able to add Kingdom Friends

TiZNiNATiZNiNA Posts: 3
edited February 25 in Ideas
#1: make an inbox for lives on candy crush friends saga!!
& #2: allow kingdom friends list to update to players still actively playing- or even add friends *automatically -that are currently working through the same realm as one's self. pLeAsE!!?
I NEVER have reply lives from my "so called" kingdom friends its ridiculous -really! (Especially when your into the 1000's +)
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  • Riccardo1995Riccardo1995 Posts: 0
    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I give you an idea betwine my Friends have no Facebook and I won’t to play with than and I don’t can’t betwine in King App i don’t can add tham 

    Yours sincerely
    Riccardo Eixter
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