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hard levels

ricks26bhricks26bh Posts: 43 Level 2
edited February 2019 in Support
What is the fun of playing a stage where we only pass if the program sends pieces that fit without having to move them? it's stupid


  • KingChewyKingChewy Posts: 13,713 Sweet Legend
    Hi @ricks26bh - are you referring to Candy Crush Friends or another of the King games? This support area is on for CCF game. Please let me know if you need help navigating to the right area!
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  • ricks26bhricks26bh Posts: 43 Level 2
    Yes @Foley1362 , I’m in stage 920 of CCF. I’m not new, and know about manipulation things. We try until the program let us pass. 
  • KingChewyKingChewy Posts: 13,713 Sweet Legend
    Hi @ricks26bh - okay glad to hear you are in the right area at least. Sorry you feel frustrated. I myself am currently stuck on 914. Keep on crushing 💪🏻
  • ricks26bhricks26bh Posts: 43 Level 2
    @Foley1362It's not about being frustrated. it is about realizing that the program creates stages that are impossible to pass because the game shuffles and only leaves movement options out of the goal thus wasting our movements. 
  • KingChewyKingChewy Posts: 13,713 Sweet Legend
    Hi @ricks26bh - glad to hear you aren’t frustrated then!  I wish you luck on your quest 💪🏻
  • PummyRajPummyRaj Posts: 16,735 Farm Moderator
    Hello @ricks26bh, Hope you are having a nice time on this King Community :)

    I understand what you are saying about those "Super Hard Levels".  When there are "Hard" and/or "Super Hard" levels ahead of me, I take a break from playing the regular levels and concentrate on finishing the "Daily Quests".  By doing so, we can pile up the points for the "Friendly Boosters" of "Fish", "Coloring Candy", etc.,  I wait till I collect 2 of those, if I collect all 3 of them, that's even great :+1: 

    Once we gain them, these boosters stay in the game for 2 full hours which help us beat any hard levels.  That is what I do all the time.  I am not in higher levels like you, but just in 700+

    Wanted to share another player's thoughts along with my friend @Foley1362

    Keep having fun and wonderful time in the game.  Please come back and post if you need any help or have Questions in the game =)
  • ricks26bhricks26bh Posts: 43 Level 2
    Hello @Pummy_Raj,
    the funniest thing is that in the super hard level I finish first (as happened now at level 980). I was stuck for two days at a regular level and suddenly the program gave the right pieces, so I went to 980 and first I passed. What is the logic?
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