Level 941—Yet Another Obviously Bad Level

Have played it 15 straight times using the recommended avatar (by deleting and re-installing the app) and have only come close to passing the level twice, including one game board where I combined chocolate bombs early in the board and STILL DIDN'T PASS.

I'll say it again: King clearly doesn't test these levels before releasing them or has the utmost contempt for its customers.

To which I say (again): You people are absolutely awful.


  • AlansmartAlansmart Posts: 1,179 Superstar
    Hello and welcome to the community @Andrew_Endymion, interesting exploitation of the life timer so have to give you an e for effort on that one.. I promise you that the levels are tested by the very people who design them, it is unfortunate that you feel this way about a game you obviously enjoy very much (after all you are on level 941) when I get frustrated I take a break for a while then come back and it seems more times than not I pass the board that was seemingly impossible! I hope you are enjoying the sweet community and it's members, have a devine day 🙂
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  • Andrew_EndymionAndrew_Endymion Posts: 44 ✭✭

    Lol, always the same from posters like you. Never any substantive reply, never any specific addressing of points, nothing that can get you too pinned down, just boilerplate nonsense such as "levels all designed to be fair" and "all levels tested." Those are obviously lies and everyone—EVERYONE—on here knows it unless they are being compensated in some way (money, merch, stars if you're silly enough to care about such things, etc.) by King to say otherwise.

    If the levels are tested, please explain how the original level 169 got released. Please explain how the original level 200 got released. Please explain why the current 847 remains untweaked. These levels were (847 currently is) impossible to pass with 3 stars unless you burned at least 6-7 boosters and the impossibility was obvious to anyone familiar with the game after playing it five or six times. If those levels are tested by those who design the levels for a living, then the same flaws would've been evident. Please explain the countless other levels that are tweaked after they've been released and enough people have pointed out the same, obvious flaw.

    So by insisting the levels are, in fact, tested, you are essentially admitting that King knows it is releasing levels with obviously poor design despite people like you claiming otherwise.

    And this is why I say this company and people like you are so patently awful.

    There are only 2 explanations for why levels such as the ones mentioned are released:

    1. King tests them, knows they need to be adjusted, and releases them anyway; or
    2. King doesn't test them adequately so it releases levels with obviously poor design w/out knowing it.

    There is no third option yet people like you come on here, without fail, and claim levels are released that obviously need to be tweaked, King tests its levels, and King wouldn't knowingly release levels with obviously poor design. Those 3 things are mutually exclusive; you have to be simple or lying to claim otherwise.

    Now cue the next canned response that comes from all of the apologist posters...by pure coincidence, I'm sure.

    FYI, patronizingly implying I'm akin to a child throwing a tantrum who needs a timeout won't provoke me into a response that will get my account suspended or banned. I've worked on the management side for a large user-oriented website so I know how the game is played. Cheers.
  • HypnotikHypnotik Posts: 1

    Thought I'd just set this here. If you truly understood business models you'd have a understanding for what a business is and does.
    Enjoy this video of someone better than you getting 3 stars with no booster usage.

  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 4,101 Superstar
    @Hypnotik - 😂🤣😂 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    With great knowledge comes great responsibility! 🍬🙏🏻
  • Andrew_EndymionAndrew_Endymion Posts: 44 ✭✭
    @Hypnotik @Foley1362

    1. Dismissing criticism as misunderstanding is definitely one way to go.

    2. I'm not sure rickrolling is the sick burn y'all seem to think it is. This being 2019 and all.

  • HypnotikHypnotik Posts: 1
    @Andrew_Endymion ;

    1. Was no dismissal of any criticism , you attacked @Alansmart and the company with your choice of words. The game is meant to progressively get harder being that your that far into the game it should be quite difficult, also its a business why is it wrong for them to tweak things in their favor to encourage someone to want to buy some boosters. 

    2. Not sure referring things as 'sick burns' is in these days. Must be fake news.

    I don't care about your age , but i do wonder if you have ever stepped foot into a casino and cried wolf because the slot machine next to you that someone placed $1000s into just payed out and your playing the penny machine and not getting anything. It's a game with a business model plain and simple RNG at its finest. They have never 'lied' or had to hide any of this.

  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 4,101 Superstar
    @Andrew_Endymion - I don’t know anything about you and I didn’t make any remarks towards you either. I simply thought the video was funny.

    Have a crushtastic day!

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  • AlansmartAlansmart Posts: 1,179 Superstar
    This thread is quickly devolving, @Andrew_Endymion, it is still at the end of the day about choice.. if you enjoy the game then I welcome the engagement of connectivity and players and would like to see your input for the community, I also stand by the understanding that if frustration is bringing you toward anger then it is time for a break.
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  • Andrew_EndymionAndrew_Endymion Posts: 44 ✭✭
    edited February 22
    @Hypnotik You're either not smart enough to understand my criticism or you're intentionally misrepresenting it. I think it's probably the latter, but I don't really care as neither option makes you interesting enough to engage further.

    @Foley1362 No, you didn't. But you did applaud the joke on a thread I started. As someone with over 1000 posts, you knew I would get a notification of your post and you knew the other poster was being transparently provocative. You seemed more or less reasonable on the other thread; your feigned innocence here makes me more skeptical.

    @Alansmart Lol. I agree. The thread is devolving b/c I continue to hammer the same substantive point and easily illustrate the inherent fallacies of your positions. In return (and as predicted), I get not a single thing addressing the substance of my posts.

    Just more boilerplate platitudes and deflections to try to spin out the clock. Incredibly tiresome.
  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 4,101 Superstar
    @Andrew_Endymion - Sorry if you felt disrespected. None intended. I didn’t even realize I had interacted with you on another post until I saw @Veeresh comments today.

    I respect your right to feel the way you feel about the game. My interaction with the people involved in the community and who work for King has left me with a different opinion.

    I wish you nothing but success on your continued quest for 3 ✨ on each level.

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  • Andrew_EndymionAndrew_Endymion Posts: 44 ✭✭
    edited February 24

    "Sorry if you felt disrespected. None intended. I didn’t even realize I had interacted with you on another post..."

    You've got over 1200 posts, which means you've spent hundreds of hours on this very straightforward platform. Yet you expect me to believe you couldn't figure out that you were responding to the same person on two different threads? That you're still just wandering around here like an innocent babe in the woods?

    With all due respect, that makes you either incredibly incompetent or a rather bad liar.

    On a brighter note, though, it does explain why you get on so famously with King apologists.
  • Foley1362Foley1362 Posts: 4,101 Superstar
    Thanks for the compliment. Have a superior day! 🙏🏻

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  • ElzuElzu Posts: 1
    I think OP has a point here. I couldn't agree more that some of the levels are ridiculously imbalanced and poorly designed. Not to mention the scrambled order: levels labeled as "hard" aren't actually much of a big deal while I'm stuck on a regular level for days. Been stuck on 891 for a while now and not even gotten close to finishing it. It's so bad  😑
  • AjelsanAjelsan Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Hey there, it's true that some levels are fairly easy to go through and some others are really painful to pass. But, as everyone might notice by playing the game, RNG is there to harden some levels. 

    I remember myself trying hard to create a colouring candy, losing 5-6 moves on the hope of getting one. And I hadn't got this or that combination of candies...

    I also remember acomplishing master moves like getting a coloured bomb next to a colouring candy, that made me really happy to do and to complete the level within 10-15 moves, due to RNG and strategy.

    So, back to the topic, I don't remember the level 941 being hard, as well as some other levels that seemed to be hard for me to get past 3 stars where other people had 3 stars, but that was before the time I got all three free bonuses at once and completed 4-5 levels I hadn't three stars on.

    Keep calm, @Andrew_Endymion, don't get angry at everyone, I know what you're feeling about Candy Crush Friends Saga's devlopment and even if you're right in your mind about saying it's unfair to have to pass hard levels, please remember that I had bad feelings against OVERKILL studios on the devlopment for PAYDAY 2 (around updates 50, 70 and 110) and ANKAMA GAMES for DOFUS (update 2.0).

    I gave up on these games because the gameplay used to be enjoyable and became painful.

    I'm still enjoying CCFS even though level 847 is the only untweaked level so far AND I couldn't get enough stars to unlock the latest outfit for Misty (by lacking of unlockable stars), but hey, it's only a game, don't blame the devs for things they don't intend to do, enjoy it, criticise it, but don't let off steam on anyone 😉😘
  • Andrew_EndymionAndrew_Endymion Posts: 44 ✭✭

    Look, you can apologize and run interference for King all you want.

    The fact remains: They claim to test these levels and that they would never knowingly release unfair levels. King routinely releases unfair levels so these two things cannot both be true. Yet King, its employees, and these volunteer lemmings continue to swear the two mutually exclusive things are not mutually exclusive.

    The truth is that King releases new levels as fast as it can b/c that's what drives profits and it uses their most advanced users as beta testers to serve as quality control. The same way it uses unpaid volunteers on here to serve as pseudo-customer service.

    Here's the thing: THIS IS TOTALLY FINE!!!

    Lots of tech companies do these things b/c the markets in which they compete are savage. Just be up front about it.

    Instead, King obfuscates, promises the blue sky isn't blue, and gets fantastic people like you to run around pretending that it is people like me who are somehow out of line just b/c we won't go along with the charade and *might* use PG-13 language from time to time.

    I'll say it again, it's all very tiresome.

    And for the record, just b/c I don't sound like Mr. Rogers or a children's cartoon doesn't mean I'm angry. It's entirely within human emotional capability to calmly call out garbage companies and people.
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