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In a 'Spread the jam' level the goal is to cover the game board with sweet and delicious jam.

To do so, you'll need to match the candies that are overlapping jam to spread it across the board. Any matches made which connect areas without jam, with those that cover jam will spread it further. 

Find spots on the board where you can make a match where candies overlap jam areas or create booster blasts by creating Striped Candies, Wrapped Candies or Swedish Fish that will move the jam for you to those awkward out-of-reach spots.

There are two different kinds of Jam:

  • Red jam: Red jam sis super sticky, but can be spread by matching candies from the areas with jam to those where it's clear. Wherever you splash it, the jam will remain in the place. It is not affected by gravity and will remain there. You can use wrapped, striped and combo boosters to spread it even further, so experiment a little to see the outcomes.
  • Purple jam: Purple jam isn't so sticky. It is spread in the same way as before. Just match candy that is in contact with the jam. However, the purple jam will not stick in the same position. If you spread it vertically, it will fall back down and fill the board to clear spaces. You will need to work hard to spread it upwards. 

To complete the level, spread the jam across the whole board before you run out of moves!

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