How can I make the most of my new Piggy Bank?

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What is the new Piggy Bank and why is it useful?

The Piggy Bank is a fantastic way to obtain precious gold bars. It's a feature that will allow you to collect gold bars when beating levels!

It's a great and easy way to collect more of those precious gold bars!

How does it work?

If you already had a full Piggy Bank, the first one will be completely for free! Don't miss the chance to collect free Gold Bars.

Instead of filling the Piggy Bank and then buying it, you can choose whether to have a Piggy Bank or not. Just buy an empty one! Then, work towards getting those tasty Gold Bars. It's your choice!

Fill up your empty and pre-purchased Piggy Bank by collecting stars when you beat a level.  For each star you win, you'll also win one gold bar to add to the Piggy Bank. The more stars you get the more gold bars will be added to the Piggy Bank. Especially on those 'Hard' and 'Super Hard' levels!

Once you have filled the Piggy Bank (up to 30 Gold Bars) that you have previously bought, you will have the chance to break it and obtain all those shiny Gold Bars! You can buy the new gold bar as many times as you want. 

Try updating your game to it's latest version. If your game is already up to date, and you can't see this feature. Don't worry! Sometimes you might have access to it and your friends may not, or vice-versa. Keep in mind, you may have it when they don't too. You will be able to enjoy the new Piggy Bank eventually.

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