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Where is Red Rabbit?

ElsaElsa Posts: 23,411 Superstar
edited August 2019 in Candy Friends Stories

Prancing ahead in the distance she sees Misty.  She must hurry and meet up with Red Rabbit.  She, being her friendly way, has to say hi to everyone so she might as well say hello to Misty and then be on her way. 


Misty, the Unicorn, is blessed with the kind of unparalleled self-importance you’d expect from a rare, beautiful creature. Whatever you do, do NOT call her a horse.   She is 13 years old and her main traits are oblivious, self-important, confident, chatty, perky and charming!  She dislikes broken nails.  She likes to brag and sees herself as the envy of all.  She assumes that she should be the center of attention.  Her problems are your problems, obviously!


She comes from the game Pin the Horn on the Unicorn. Reminiscent of games like “Chicken Cha Cha Cha,” this game has unicorn figurines (instead of chickens) with removable horns (instead of removable tails). Your goal? Jump your opponents’ unicorns and steal their horns. Get all the horns and win the game. Misty was proudly wearing her horn when “The Great Scramble” happened, but it fell off during all the commotion. So, she knows it’s around here somewhere. She just doesn’t know exactly where… She’s told Mr. Toffee in no uncertain terms she will NOT return to her game without it. Adorned with temporary horns usually found by Tiffi, Misty accompanies her companions through their Candy matching adventures, intent on finding her horn along the way. Little does Misty suspect though that the Bubblegum Troll actually found the horn on the day of “The Great Scramble.” He just picked it up and socked it away in his bubblegum pocket. He has it on his special vanity shelf in his cave under the bridge where he occasionally puts it on his head and imagines himself in all kinds of fashionable poses.


She is very surprised to see Tiffi and didn’t know that she was back in town. 


“Tiffi, do you want to play with me?” says Misty.


“Not now, Misty,” Tiffi says.  “Red Rabbit is not feeling well and sounded very sad when I spoke to him on the phone.  He needs my help so I better hurry up because I told him that I would stop to get him some carrots on the way.  I am already late.  I will catch up with you on my way home.”  With that Tiffi continues on her way. Does she finally meet up with him here?

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