Olivia needs 12 purple candies to activate her power

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I noticed today that Olivia needs 12 purple candies to activate her power.  I thought it was 10.  @QueenMia has this change been implemented recently?  Thanks.


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    Yes, this has changed on the last update. So has getting less stickers and also when you complete an old level for farming, it takes you back to your current level.
    The worst one is the Olivia one because you set the rules for the game and you stick to them. Everyone knows you need 10 purple candies for Olivia's attack. Can you explain any of this @QueenMia
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,143 Community Manager
    Hello @Acv and @Simon888 :waving: 

    @Acv, sorry! I've responded here but missed your question! 

    That's a small change, indeed! Olivia now needs to be given 12 candies instead of 10. But that's only because she needs more strength to do more damage - She now hits 3 octopi and deals 2 damages on each instead of 1. So it requires a little more candies but for a max effect.

    By the way, have you seen this? Something sweet is coming... ;) 

    I hope that clarifies! 

    Happy Monday 🍒

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