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More friends talk about their powers

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,434 Superstar
edited October 7 in Candy Friends Stories

Misty the Unicorn wants to go next.  Tiffi tells Rachel a bit about Misty first. 


“Misty is blessed with the kind of unparalleled self-importance that you would expect from a rare, beautiful creature.” Tiff says.  “Whatever you do, do NOT call her a horse. “


“Oh, thank you Tiffi for telling Rachel that,” Misty says.  “I do get hurt whenever anyone calls me a horse.  Rachel, my special power can create all kinds of special sweets.  When a player makes a match of 15 orange Candies, then I will throw a swedish fish, a striped candy, a color bomb, a wrapped candy or a coloring candy on the board.

Although Olivia is a natural-born musician, singer and comedienne, she is also a versatile and ambitious octopus with a dream in her heart.  She loves to cook and is always ready with a song or a delicious dish to lift everyone's spirits.


“It’s my turn,” says Olivia.  “When a player collects 10 purple candies I will hit 4 random gummy squares.  If there is no gummy, I will remove random candies.”

“Can I go next?” questions Nutcracker.  “When a player makes a match of 10 blue candies I play a few notes on my trumpet and then I will attack up to 5 blockers in a horizontal line.  I can even cause damage to the caramel cups!  However, if there are no caramel cups on the board, I will remove up to 5 random candies especially on the upper part of the board.” 

Red Rabbit waits patiently until it is his turn. 


“I love red candies,” Red Rabbit says.  “You know something, I always wanted to run fast and now that I am in Candy Town I love my daily speed sprints. I really want to be a famous rock star, but the players need my help so I will hang around here for a while.  Whenever a player collects 10 red candies, I will attack five blockers at a random position on the board.  This makes way for the player to tackle any challenge ahead.”


That was a lot of information to take in from all of them.  Rachel is very happy that she brought her notebook with her because she knows that she will never remember what all her new friends said about their powers.  I guess now it’s time for Rachel to share her powers with her new friends.


Let’s see what she has to say here.

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