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An afternoon together

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,488 Superstar
edited October 7 in Candy Friends Stories

He has the afternoon all planned out for her.  First he wants to take her for a ride in the air balloon.  Nothing but the best for his future bride!

This is the first time that she has been in an air balloon and she is enjoying the view from above.  His plans include a picnic and he brought along a picnic basket all filled up with some delicious candy treats.  She wants to talk to him about what she has heard about him causing havoc but she decides that she will wait until after they finish eating.

She isn’t sure how to approach the topic, but she knows that she has to talk to him because she is not sure that she wants to continue seeing him.


“Rancid, I would like to speak to you about something,” says Rachel.  I really don’t know you very well, but I have heard some things about you.  I would like to talk to you about them, if that’s ok with you.  I have heard that you used to live in Dairy District, but you caused havoc there because you kept stealing the cropsies and eggs.  I heard that Amelia, who does the farming, was not very happy with you.  Then you left there, and I heard that you went to Cotton Candy Clouds to stay with your best friend Jelly Queen who is not a very nice person.”


He wants to interrupt her so that he can explain what it was all about.  She puts up her hand to tell him that she really wants to get it all out in the open first and then he can take his turn to tell his side of the story.


“I was told that your friend, Jelly Queen, loves to jellify characters who live there, and you helped her jellify the characters too,” she continues.  “Then word got out that you also went to Soda World and left green jelly splotches all over the place.  Why do you do such mischievous things?  Are you not aware of your consequences and what others might think of you?  Do you not care?”


With all that said, Rancid put his head down in shame.  He wasn’t sure how he was going to explain things to her, but he realizes that he needs to try.


Let’s see how Rancid explains everything here

If you arrived here, then you might want to start at the beginning of the story


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