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Rancid meets Rachel

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,688 Superstar
edited October 7 in Candy Friends Stories
Rancid lands his balloon.  No sooner does he start to stroll through Candy Town when up ahead of him is Tiffi and that must be Rachel.  He gets so excited to finally see his future bride!

“Bonjour mon chéri,” sighs Rancid. “Bienvenue! Je m'appel Rancid.  Comment ça va aujourd'hui?”
“Rachel, we have to go,” Tiffi says. "Just ignore Rancid.  What did he say to you in French?"“Just ignore Rancid.  What did he say to you in French?”
“He is welcoming me,” says Rachel. “He told me his name and asked how I was doing today.  But why is he calling me his sweetheart when he doesn’t even know me?”
Tiffi quickly grabs Rachel’s hand and says goodbye to Rancid. As they are walking back to Tiffi’s home, Tiffi tells Rachel about the bad things that Rancid has done. She tells her about the time he lived in Dairy District and how he loved to steal the cropsies and eggs.  After a while of being stopped by Amelia who grows the cropsies, he left Dairy Districtand then he moved to Cotton Candy Clouds where he met up with his really good friend Jelly Queen.
“It seems that Jelly Queen was thrilled to have Rancid living with her, “ Tiffi says.  “He was able to help her jellify the characters living there.  But then things got worse and Rancid went to Soda World and started dropping the green jelly all over town. My sister Kimmy who lives in Soda World called me.  I met up with my friend Jenny, who lives there. She had a plan where we both used our superhero powers and we were able to stun both Jelly Queen and Rancid from causing more havoc in Cotton Candy Clouds. I can't believe that he is now here in Candy Town.  I wonder what he plans to do next." I can’t believe that he is now here in Candy Town.  I wonder what he plans to do next.”
Let’s find out if Rancid has any plans to win over Rachel’s heart here.

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