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Here comes Red Rabbit

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,383 Superstar
edited October 15 in Candy Friends Stories

Next to appear on stage is Red Rabbit. 

“And here we have Red Rabbit.  He likes music and singing.   He delights in daily speed sprints and is ready to follow his dream of becoming a famous Rockstar. He takes a little hop forward to let everyone see his brand, new leather jacket.  Doesn’t he remind you a bit of Elvis with that hairstyle?  Now he is dressed as a Fox in that cute little orange outfit!  As a matter of fact, he looks adorable in all his outfits”

The crowd cheers him on.  It appears as though he is doing one of his speed sprints as he gets to the end of the runway very quickly,  makes a quick turn and comes speeding back up the runway. 

“Nutcracker takes the stage one more time.  Today he is wearing his King of Hearts outfit.  He looks adorable in red!  The crown suits him.  He really does look fit for a king!  Oh look, his next outfit looks like he is the Prince of Diamonds.  I sure hope that Lucy (Diamond Diaries Saga) doesn’t see this outfit because she might grab it to bring back to her Aunt Bernadetta.  Nutcracker looks very patriotic in his Mr. Toffee outfit.  Look at all those red stripes!  He wants to be ready for Memorial Day next year when he marches in the parade.  His final outfit is very distinct.  He is dressed like the gentleman, but it looks like he could be the Mayor of Candy Town.  Mr. Toffee, be careful because he might just take that title away from you!”

Who is still left to take the stage?  Let’s find out here.

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  • DeepshikhaSharanDeepshikhaSharan Posts: 274 ✭✭✭✭
    Red, black, btown, yellow rabbite

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