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Elsa helps with the fashion show plans

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,600 Superstar
edited October 15 in Candy Friends Stories

Next morning, bright and early Tiffi wakes up and can’t wait to meet up with everyone and find out what ideas Elsa has. 

Ideas have already formulated in Elsa’s mind, but she wants to hear from all of them to get their ideas first.


“Hi Elsa,” says Tiffi.  “Thanks for meeting us here.  I am so excited to show off my outfits and we are all thrilled that you are going to be planning this with us.  Let’s go upstairs to meet up with the rest of them.  Let’s go Misty!”


On the way upstairs, Tiffi tells Elsa that they can hold this event in the V.I.P. Balloon.  Elsa tells Tiffi that she knows someone who can do the invitation.  She will need a list of who they would like to invite.  Tiffi doesn’t see this as a problem.  There are enough players who play this game and come to the community so gathering the names won’t be a problem.  Misty wants to know if there will be food and drinks because she might get hungry.  Elsa reassures her that when they all sit down to talk they can decide what needs to be done and who can do what.


Are you curious to find out how they will plan this?  Let’s find out here.

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