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Once upon a time ...... Index

ElsaElsa Posts: 29,689 Superstar
edited October 16 in Candy Friends Stories
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Below please find a list of the stories that I have created:

82. The 7 pumpkins come to visit Tiffi (Everyone goes trick or treating – or do they? Uploaded 10/16/2020)

81. What happened to Wilbur (Someone cast a spell on Wilbur uploaded 10/10/2020)

80. Rachel says YES! (Rancid and Rachel share the good news with their friends uploaded 10/10/2020)

79. Seasons come and seasons go – the hayride (Rancid takes Rachel to Dairy District uploaded 10/7/2020)

78. Tiffi learns about the little people (Tiffi meets up with elves, dwarfs, leprechauns and gnomes uploaded 10/7/2020)

77. Rain, rain go away (Kimmy and Yeti try to find out how to stop the heavy rain Uploaded 9/29/2020)

76. Breaking news in the Candy Kingdom   (Characters get interviewed – Sequel to Seasons come and seasons go the story of the scarecrow Uploaded 9/28/2020)

75. Today is the Farm Heroes Got Talent show! (Part 2) (Sequel to Farm Heroes Got Talent uploaded 9/22/2020)

74. Farm Heroes Got Talent (Part 1) (Rancid wants to do a talent show with the cropsies uploaded 9/22/2020)

73. Misty falls in love (Misty meets 2 beautiful unicorns and falls in love with Nightwind uploaded 9/14/2020)

72. Kimmy gets her temporary superpower (Kimmy’s wish from the genie comes true uploaded 9/14/2020)

71. Tiffi and the 7 pumpkins (Tiffi falls into the portal hole and meets up with 7 pumpkins uploaded 9/14/2020)

70. Seasons come and seasons go – the story of the pumpkin (Tiffi befriends a pumpkin that comes to life uploaded 9/10/2020)

69. Seasons come and seasons go – the story of the scarecrow (Tiffi and her friends enter the scarecrow contest uploaded 9/10/2020)

68. Seasons come and seasons go – the story of the wolf (Tiffi and Chewy help a wolf pup uploaded 9/10/2020)

67. Do you believe in Fairies (This story is dedicated to our Superstar @KimElston uploaded 9/3/2020)

66. Elsa goes to the game fair (Sequel to Elsa gets trapped in her storybook uploaded 9/3/2020)

65. Elsa gets trapped in her storybook (This is a story about a writer who gets trapped in her storybook uploaded 9/3/2020)

64. School days, school days ……….  (The twins decide to go to school uploaded 8/23/2020)

63. Someone is stealing the words (Elsa & Tiffi ask Betty and Professor Alpha for help (uploaded 8/18/2020)

62. The search is on for the Kingdom’s best chef (Four of the characters enter a food competition uploaded 8/18/2020)

61.  Let’s go to the circus!  (Sequel to ‘The circus is coming to town!’ Enjoy the circus with Tiffi and her friends uploaded 8/12/2020)

60. The circus is coming to town! (Tiffi is so excited and can’t wait to see the circus uploaded 8/8/2020)

59. In the good old summertime! (Join the girls on the beach and let’s have fun! Uploaded 7.31.2020)

58. Welcome to the Friends’ Got Talent show! (Sequel to Friends’ Got Talent uploaded 7.28.2020)

57. Friends’ Got Talent (All the characters get together to do a talent show uploaded 7.27.2020)

56. Dachs where did you put the mail? (Dachs starts working as a mail carrier but he misplaces the mail uploaded 7.17.2020)

55. Kimmy’s bear tales (Kimmy wakes up from her sleep to find out that her bears are alive uploaded 7.13.2020)

54. The story of Pan-Pan and Ling-Ling (Tiffi meets up with twin panda bears uploaded 7.13.2020)

53. Chewy is overjoyed that he found his father! (Sequel to Chewy finds his father uploaded 7.3.2020)

52. Chewy finds his father! (Chewy was sad on Father's Day because he didn't know if he had parents or where they were, but he finds them here - uploaded 6.29.2020)

51. Salt here, salt there, salt seems to be everywhere! (The evil villain Pretzella has broken into the Candy Kingdom and she is spreading salt all over uploaded 6/22/2020)

50. The girl’s getaway weekend (Rachel, Tiffi, Kimmy and Jenny have a girly weekend in Barcelona uploaded 6/22/2020)

49. What’s the Secret? (Kimmy shares a secret about the community that she wasn’t sup0posed to share uploaded 6/21/2020)

48. It’s a man thing! (Rancid, Yeti and Chewy go camping uploaded 6/17/2020)

47. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day 2020 (The girls get together to celebrate Father’s Day uploaded 6/17/2020)

46. Tiffi’s Memoirs (Tiffi recalls her memories when she helped some of the minor characters uploaded 6/13/2020)

45. Hi Dachs (A/K/A the donut dog)  (Dachs wants to share the history of donuts with you uploaded 5/28/2020)

44. Who is Odus?  (Odus wants a story about himself uploaded 5/25/2020)

43. Look it’s a Yeti!  (Yeti shares his memories from the 4 candy crush games uploaded 5/25/2020)

42. Do NOT call her a horse!  (Misty and Tiffi reminisce about Misty’s time in Candy Town uploaded 5/25/2020)

41. Dear diary, I remember the time …  (Chewy wants to change his bad habits uploaded 5/20/2020)

40. Elsa makes plans for Memorial Day  (Elsa invites the characters over for a weekend of fun uploaded 5/18/2020)

39. Welcome to the Candy Kingdom Chronicles  (Read how it all began in the Candy Kingdom  uploaded 5/14/2020)

38.  The story of Licorise and Straberry (Tiffi and Fern help Licorise with her mental health disorder uploaded 5/14/2020)

37. Welcome new-Bees!  (Tiffi and her friends share some important links with you uploaded 5.9.2020)   

36. Let’s enter our puppies in a dog show  (Sequel to Rachel gets Rancid a puppy uploaded 5/6/2020)

35. Tiffi and her friends go on a scavenger hunt (Connected to contest April Showers Bring May Flowers That Hide Secrets That Many Desire  uploaded 4/30/2020)

34. Oh no!  What's going on with Jelly Queen?   (Not going to post a summary, you just have to read it!  uploaded 4/28/2020)

33. Make a wish  (Tiffi and Kimmy visit Genie Jellybeanie to ask him if he would participate in 'The Genie's Quest' uploadeded 4/28/2020)

32. What is May Day?  (Jenny, Tiffi and Kimmy visit Blossom to learn more about flowers uploaded 4/26/2020)

31. Preparing for the Twins Day Festival (Sequel to Tiffi co-authors another story - It's a twin thing! uploaded 4/21/2020)

30. Rachel gets Rancid a puppy  (Rachel and Tiffi visit Fern in Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga uploaded 4/21/2020)

29. Kimmy meets the twins  (Sequel  to … The Story of Jean-Luc and Tiffi co-authors another story uploaded 4/18/2020) 

28. Tiffi co-authors another story - It's a twin thing!  (Sequel to... The Story of Jean-Luc uploaded 4/11/2020) 

27. Tiffi thinks about Easter(Tiffi co-authors this story with Elsa uploaded 4/7/2020)

26. The Story of Jean-Luc  (Nutcracker finds out that he has a twin brothers uploaded 4/7/2020)

25. Spring in Candy Town  (Tiffi and Kimmy learn a lot about Mother Nature uploaded 3/28/2020)

24. Rancid proposes to Rachel  (Rancid finally pops the question.  Do you think Rachel will accept the proposal? - uploaded 3/15/2020) 

23. St. Patrick's Day 2020  (Some of the characters get together for St. Patrick's Day - uploaded 2/23/2020)

22. Kimmy and the bears  (Kimmy finds the candy bears frozen in ice cubes - uploaded 2/18/2020)

21.  Love is in the air! (Rancid asks Tiffi for help to plan a special Valentine's Day for Rachel - uploaded 2/7/2020)

20.  Love across the miles  (Kimmy meets and falls in love with someone across the miles - uploaded 2/6/2020)

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