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Once upon a time ...... Elsa's short stories

ElsaElsa Posts: 35,148 Sweet Legend
edited December 2021 in Candy Friends Stories
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Below please find a list of the stories that I have created:

158. Jean-Luc travels to the Stonehenge (Just as Tiffi arrives home Jean-Luc finds the time travel door and he ends i\up at the Stonehenge uploaded 10/25/21)

157. Tiffi and Rip time travel to Ancient Egypt (Rip surprises his little friend and they time travel to Ancient Egypt uploaded 10/25/21)

156. Tiffi goes back to school to learn about the prehistoric ages (Tiffi meets up with Rip and she is happy that he is now going to be starting another class uploaded 10/24/21)

155. Tiffi and Yeti learn about Woodstock  (Tiffi shares her memories of what she heard about Woodstock with Yeti uploaded 10/24/21)

154.  Kimmy meets some pirates  (Tiffi visits her sister in Soda World and they both meet up with pirates uploaded 9/5/21)

153.  Tiffi co-authors the Mayflower Story  (Tiffi helps Elsa create a story about the Mayflower ship uploaded 9/5/21)

152.  Tiffi travels to the future (Tiffi travels into the future to help some people bring color back to their city uploaded 8/25/21)

151.  Chewy and Yeti learn all about dream catchers  (Chewy and Yeti time travel into the past and meet up with some Native Americans uploaded 8/25/21)

150.  Olivia wants to become a cowgirl  (Olivia gets a new outfit and wants to learn how to become a cowgirl uploaded 8/13/21)

149. Tiffi learns all about birth order  (Tiffi overhears some people talking about their birth order so she now wants to learn about her birth order uploaded 8/11/21)

148.  Elsa gets game tips from the community members  (Elsa asks the community members for some game tips to help her with her games uploaded 8/10/21)

147.  What is the historical truth?  (Jean-Luc and Tiffi do some googling to find the historical truth about the past uploaded 8/9/21)

146.  Jean-Luc travels through time (Jean-Luc falls into the portal and ends up in the ancient world uploaded 8/9/21)

145. Tiffi and Kimmy go to a baseball game (Kimmy comes for a visit to Candy Town and goes to a baseball game with Tiffi uploaded 7/19/21)

144. Why … But WHY? (This story is all about very young children going through the why question phase.  It’s a bit longer than the usual stories because there are 4 stories that all connect to the main story uploaded 7/18/21)

143. Let’s play in the mud! (Red Rabbit meets up with a woman who doesn’t want her child to play in the mind uploaded 7/18/21)

142.  Yeti and Chewy learn all about magic  (Yeti and Chewy meet up with some magician and wizards and they learn all about magic uploaded 7/11/21)

141. Hear yee … hear ye …. (Tiffi meets up with someone who  shares a lot of history about town criers uploaded 7/11/21)

140. Elsa and Jelly Queen take a factory tour (Elsa and Jelly Queen take a trip to a mac and cheese factory and they bump into Barney uploaded 7/7/21)

139. Here comes Hurricane Elsa!  (Elsa finds out that there is a Hurricane Elsa coming towards her so she googles to learn more about hurricanes uploaded 7/2/21)

Summer 2021 stories 129 - 138

138. Elsa and Tiffi create a memory book  (Tiffi co-authors this story as they create a memory book with all the summer stories uploaded 6/28/21)

137. Let’s build a sandcastle! (Kimmy spends more time with her sister and friends as they learn how to create sandcastles Uploaded 6/27/21)

136. Let’s build a totem pole! (Kimmy comes to Candy Town and joins everyone as they learn all about totem poles and how to build them 6/26/21)

135. Let’s have a bonfire! (Everyone gets together to eat, share stories and have fun! Uploaded 6/24/21)

134. Tiffi learns all about lighting bugs (Tiffi and her friends learn all about lightning bugs and how to catch them uploaded 6/23/21)

133. Let’s go fly a kite! (Everyone gets together to have fun with their new kites uploaded 6/23/21 )

132. Let’s go to the beach!  (Tiffi, Jenny and Yeti spend the day at the beach uploaded 6/23/21)

131. Let’s have a pool party! (Everyone gets together to have fun in the pool, look at Yeti go! uploaded 6/23/21)

130. Role out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer (Tiffi looks for some fun summer ideas for her and her friends uploaded 6/21/21)

129. Let’s learn how to use a yo-yo (Everyone gets together to have fun with their yo-yos uploaded 6/23/21)

128.  A trip to Candy Land (Rachel and Rancid take a trip to Candy Land uploaded 5/30/21)

127. Two Doors (Tiffi time travels to the past and Chewy time travels to the future uploaded 5/29/21)

126. Welcome to the King Baking Competition! (Yeti, Tiffi, Jelly Queen and Rachel enter a baking competition uploaded 5/16/21)

125. Olivia teachers her friends how to paint (Olivia teaches some of her friends how to paint uploaded 5/10/21)

124. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away …… (Kimmy and Chewy learn all about Star Wars uploaded 5/2/21)

123. The story of Mother Goose  (Tiffi meets up with an old elf who shares history on Mother Goose uploaded 5/1/21)

122. Tiffi and her friends go to see the Northern Lights  (Tiffi and some friends go to Finland to see the Northern Lights uploaded 5/1/21)

121. Tiffi and her friends learn all about the Northern Lights  (Tiffi and her friends learn all about the Northern Lights uploaded 5/1/21)

120. Let’s go to a Superhero convention! (Tiffi, Jenny, Elsa and some of her community friends go to a Superhero Convention uploaded 4/25/21)

119.  What are animal crackers? (Elsa shares her knowledge about animal crackers with her friends in the community uploaded 4/11/21)

118. Tiffi learns about the Ocean Ecosystem (Part 3 of 3 – Tiffi learns all about the marine ecosystem uploaded 4/12/21)

117. The ecosystem and how it relates to endangered species   (Part 2 of 3 - Tiffi is sad as she gathers some articles about endangered species uploaded 4/12/21)

116. What is an ecosystem?  (Part 1 of 3 - Tiffi helps Elsa gather some articles about the ecosystem uploaded 4/12/21)

115. Tiffi and Elsa take a trip to Dairy District (Tiffi and Elsa travel to Dairy District to learn more about farm animals uploaded 4/8/21)

114.   Tiffi goes on a health kick (Tiffi has found many helpful tips on how to improve her health uploaded 3/30/21)

113.  Elsa learns all about rainbows (Follow along with Elsa as she learns all about rainbows uploaded 3/30/21)

112.  Who are these monsters? (Monsters invade the King Community and play pranks on everyone uploaded 3/29/21)

111. The egg decorating contest 2021 (Join Tiffi and some community friends as they enter the egg decorating contest uploaded 3/19/2021)

110.  The surprise birthday party (Who is having a surprise birthday party Uploaded 3/16/2021)

109. The year that spring forgot  (Did spring forget or was it a polar vortex?  Uploaded 3/13/2021)

108. Valentine’s Day 2021 (Part 2) (Sequel to Valentine’s Day 2021 (Part 1) uploaded 2/2/2021)

107. Valentine’s Day 2021 (Part 1)  (Tiffi finds new friends in the community uploaded 2/2/2021)

106.  Tiffi ends up in the town of Wellspring  (Tiffi goes on another adventure up uploaded 1/21/21)

105. Rip begins teaching world history  (Sequel to Part 1 - Tiffi & Elsa learn a lot about world history  uploaded 1/22/21)

104.  Tiffi & Elsa learn a lot about world history  (Tiffi meets up with a character that claims to be 1000 years old uploaded 1/22/21)

103. Tiffi and friends take a trip to the King studio in Stockholm  (Tiffi, Yeti and Chewy spend a day at the King studio in Stockholm uploaded 1/10/2021)

102. Chewy goes on an adventure (Sequel to the latest fairy story #101 uploaded 1/7/2021)

101. What’s going on and who is this fairy? (A fairy visits the King community and spreads fairy dust all over uploaded 1/7/2021)

100. Tiffi and Elsa co-author a virtual New Year’s Eve virtual party (Can’t leave home due to the coronavirus so they all get together and have a Zoom video virtual party for New Year’s Eve uploaded 12/30/2020)

99. Elsa shares some winter facts  (Elsa learns all about winter, Jack Frost and much more uploaded 12/29/2020

98. Do you want to build a snowman? (A few of the characters get together to enjoy the snow uploaded 12/29/2020)

97. Rachel & Rancid's wedding (It’s finally happening!  You’ve got to see it to believe it! Uploaded )

96. Walking in a Winter Wonderland (Elsa remembers a childhood memory uploaded 12/24/2020)

95. Let It snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! (Kimmy sees snow for the first time uploaded 12.23.2020)

94. What are the giraffes trying to say? (Sequel to The girls go to the zoo  uploaded 12/12/2020) This story is dedicated to our @LadyRaffie

93. The girls go to the zoo (Rachel and Tiffi go to the zoo and they are wearing their face masks uploaded 12.9.2020)

92. Not everyone celebrates Christmas (Elsa and Tiffi share articles about December and winter holidays uploaded 12.4.2020)

91. Elsa learns how to play again (Sequel to A story about childhood imagination and make believe uploaded 12.3.2020)

90. Is there a difference between culture, tradition and customs? (Elsa, Kimmy, Tiffi and Yeti help Elsa with her new story uploaded 12.2.2020)

89. Five weeks before the wedding (Rachel and Rancid order everything for the wedding and send out the invitations uploaded 11/20/2020)

88. A story about childhood imagination and make believe (Let’s explore the idea of getting our childhood imagination back uploaded 11/8/2020)

87. Yeti travels in time (Join Yeti as he travels to the past and meets up with dinosaurs and dragons uploaded 11/8/2020)

86. Thanksgiving 2020 (Chewy joins some turkeys and pigs to protect no turkey or ham on Thanksgiving Day uploaded 11/7/2020)

85. Preparing for the wedding (Rachel and Rancid get together with their best man and maid of honor uploaded 11/7/2020)

84. Halloween 2020 in the Candy Kingdom (Part 2) (All the characters go trick or treating uploaded 10/23/2020)

83. Halloween 2020 in the Candy Kingdom (Part 1) (All the characters enter a second scarecrow contest uploaded 10/23/2020)

82. The 7 pumpkins come to visit Tiffi (Everyone goes trick or treating – or do they? Uploaded 10/16/2020)

81. What happened to Wilbur (Someone casts a spell on Wilbur uploaded 10/10/2020)

80. Rachel says YES! (Rancid and Rachel share the good news with their friends uploaded 10/10/2020)

79. Seasons come and seasons go – the hayride (Rancid takes Rachel to Dairy District uploaded 10/7/2020)

78. Tiffi learns about the little people (Tiffi meets up with elves, dwarfs, leprechauns and gnomes uploaded 10/7/2020)

77. Rain, rain go away (Kimmy and Yeti try to find out how to stop the heavy rain Uploaded 9/29/2020)

76. Breaking news in the Candy Kingdom   (Characters get interviewed – Sequel to Seasons come and seasons go the story of the scarecrow Uploaded 9/28/2020)

75. Today is the Farm Heroes Got Talent show! (Part 2) (Sequel to Farm Heroes Got Talent uploaded 9/22/2020)

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