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Bubblegum Troll makes plans to join them

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The day goes by quickly and on the way back home they meet up with Bubblegum Troll on Bubblegum Bridge. 


“Hi girls, how are you doing today?”  he says.  “Tiffi I got your message and I was planning on calling you back tonight.   Most definitely I want to be there with all of you!  What do you want me to bring?  Dessert?  Appetizer?”


Tiffi shares with him that the menu is already planned.  She tells him that Jenny wants to do dessert.  Misty wants to do the appetizers.  She tells him that her and Kimmy will be doing the cooking, so the food is all planned. 


“What about some Thanksgiving trivia or riddles,” he says.  “I have an idea!  How about since I am such a trickster type of character, I gather some cool Thanksgiving riddles to share that day?”


What a great idea that is!  Kimmy tells him that maybe he can also look for some history of how it started and when it became a holiday.  Another idea pops into his head!


“What about I look for some information on when football first become associated with the holiday” he questions.  “We all know that celebrating Thanksgiving day is also a day for football so I will look for information on that too.”


With that they said their goodbyes and the girls continued their walk home.


Tiffi is thrilled that Bubblegum Troll is going to be gathering facts about the holiday.  She never would have thought of doing something like that.  When they arrive home, Mr. Toffee has already put a pail of fishies on the table for the girls. 


“How was your day together girls?” he asks.  “Tiffi did you have any trouble helping the players with their levels?  Kimmy, how did you enjoy watching Tiffi help them?”


“Dad, it was great,” says Kimmy.  “I wish that I had some powers like Tiffi.  Maybe I have to get hold of the Soda studio to ask if I could get some powers too.”


Are all the plans set in place?  Let’s find out here.

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