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Level Tips by the CCFS Level Designers - Levels 2141-2160 (Episode 108)

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,170 Community Manager
edited November 27 in Level Designers Tips
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🌟 🍭🌟

Hello lovely Friends Crew,

Today is no simple day! Today is Wednesday and you know what it means... New Levels, yay 🎉

And we have some sweet treats for you on the Community: Our talented Level Designers - yes, that's correct, those guys who make the magic happen - will be sharing tips on their favourite levels... Just for YOU 🤗

So let's get started!

This week is bringing us some really fun levels: 2 new Episodes, up to level 2160 on iOS and GooglePlay & up to level 2220 on Amazon and Windows.
Woop Woop! 

Level 2144
"Create special candies and use them to hit the hearts to smash through the mint blockers"!

Level 2147
Start a love train, love train" Use your special candies wisely! Try to aim for the last heart of the line to make them all move at once"!

Level 2150
"Get to the fish and they will help you along the way"!

Level 2159
"Giant Octopus is the key to win"! 

Level 2160
"Super Hard levels are always challenging, but make use of the special candies at the top of the level and the colour bombs will take you a long way"!


A big THANK YOU to our amazing Level Designers for sharing their tips!


Now you have all you need to make sure you pass all these levels 🤗

Which one is YOUR favourite?!
Let us know what you think of the levels and those tips.
We always LOVE to hear what you have to tell us! 


Happy playing to you all and don't forget to have fun 🍒

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