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Level Tips by the CCFS Level Designers - Levels 2161-2200 (Episode 109 & 110)

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Hello lovely Friends Crew,

Today is no simple day! Today is Wednesday and you know what it means... New Levels, yay ๐ŸŽ‰

And we have some sweet treats for you on the Community:ย Our talented Level Designersย - yes, that's correct, those guys who make the magic happen - will beย sharing tips on their favourite levels... Just for YOU ๐Ÿค—

So let's get started!

This week is bringing us some really fun levels: 2 new Episodes,ย up to level 2200 on iOS and GooglePlayย &ย up to level 2260 on Amazon and Windows.

Level 2168
"It's a Hard Level and things can get tricky, luckily here's a helpful tip to get you through. Do your best to make specials but hit the fish moulds to help you break through those heavy mints"!

Level 2176
"Make good use of those special candies spawning in the centre! Use them to smash through to the jam at the bottom of the level, and then to spread the jam back up again"!

Level 2179
"Fish can be friends too! Keep matching in the middle of the level and use your special candies wisely! Use them to trigger a chain reaction and get your fishy friends to spread jam everywhere"!

Level 2199
Use the stripe candies wisely! Use them to aim at the mint-pops on the other side of the board.


Aย big THANK YOU to our amazing Level Designers for sharing their tips!


Now you have all you need to make sure you pass all these levels ๐Ÿค—

Which one is YOUR favourite?!
Let us know what you thinkย of the levels and those tips.
We always LOVE to hear what you have to tell us!ย 


Happy playing to you all and don't forget to have fun ๐Ÿ’

And if you have reached level 2000, join theย level 2000ย club and receive the amazing badge!

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