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enchanting Event

SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 6,968 Game Expert

I would like to seduce you and let us immerse ourselves in the fairytale world.

So my idea would be to turn every level into a fairy tale.

I love fairy tales: You too?

Here the developers and disigners are quite challenged.
So I wish you a lot of success and a lot of fun.

My 2nd idea could be integrated.

For @QueenMia :

That you can make a competition out of it.

I thought that besides the games, the level should be guessed, what fairytale it is.

You can write it down by the way and then write it down in the contest in the spoiler.

What do you and you think of it?

If you like me, you might like fairy tales!!!

Please vote for it, thank you

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A look at my profile would help everyone! 

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