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New friend in the Kingdom? Yes or No?

lemcbllemcbl Posts: 698 Level 4
edited August 16 in Discussions

It has been quite a while since we had a new friend arriving at the Kingdom. Let see here what new character the players of CCFS would love to see in the near future ;) Maybe the amazing people at the studio will like our ideas 😉

Dear @Diamond Lim , can you do some tagging here? Thanks! 🤗

New friend in the Kingdom? Yes or No? 31 votes

Walter from Shuffle Cats
lemcblkavidina 2 votes
Kingsley from Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Nikhil_Kakdeteresawallace44wykoonfable1707 4 votes
Mr. Toffee
Werner_CichyGlenn1972mysticalmystyRobinCorteLeslie_Bfrenioz00terrazas1325LoveDachsactipton80David5023Rene34MemawDSamuel16rebeccadaley28 14 votes
A guy
Mary_Kayaijaziqbal 2 votes
A girl
MightyWolfYorben_GoereeTrish24tinacolwell39 4 votes
other (please mention in comments)
Diamond LimAshrafcandycrushinitSofia1992Iffo 5 votes


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