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Seasons come and seasons go – the story of the pumpkin

ElsaElsa Posts: 30,868 Superstar

A crisp breeze is in the air. The temperature is starting to drop and the days are getting shorter. 

Tiff looks out the window and it’s raining. And it’s dark! She looks at the time and it’s almost dinner time. What happened to the daylight? When did it start getting dark so early? She looks at the calendar and sees that it’s September. The summer went way too fast.  

She thinks about all the things that she did. For instance, there was the time that the girls went to the beach. Tiffi remembers Kimmy finding that genie. Tiffi wonders if Kimmy has gotten her temporary superpower yet. She will have to give her a call. Then the circus came to town. That was a fun time and Katie shared what circus life was all about. Then there was the food competition and Yeti won the best chef award.  Tiffi helped Elsa when someone was stealing the words and she had to reach out to Betty and Professor Alpha for help. Then there was the time when the fairy came into her room one night seeking her help.  

No wonder Tiffi’s summer has gone so fast. She hasn’t sat still for a minute! 

“No wonder it went so fast,” Tiffi thinks.  “Lots of fun adventures!” 

Just like week, Tiffi started noticing the summer season was coming to an end which meant that the fall season was just around the corner. It’s harvest time with the farmers! Soon it will be time for apple picking and  harvesting the wheat.

Tiffi and her friends all entered the first scarecrow contest held in the Candy Kingdom. They had a blast! So that means that it must be getting close to Halloween.  

“Maybe it’s time to go to the pumpkin farm,” Tiffi thinks. “That’s about the only part of the fall season that I like. I get to paint and decorate a pumpkin. Maybe I should call my friends to see who wants to go with me to the pumpkin farm.” 

Let’s continue here - Remember last Halloween? 

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