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Tiffi and the 7 pumpkins

ElsaElsa Posts: 30,949 Superstar

Once upon a time in a faraway land lives this young girl whose name is Tiffi. She lives with her adopted father in the Candy Kingdom. Her father owns a candy store in town and he is also the major. Tiffi works part time helping the players when they play Candy Crush Friends Saga. She tries her best to help them clear their levels and she’s pretty good at that too.

Tiffi is helping a lot of players today. She just about finishes with this last player and all that she has to do is to throw the fishies out on the board and the player shouldn’t have trouble clearing it. She is not surprised when it takes the player a few more tries and the level clears. Tiffi does her happy dance. She has done a good job today of helping the players. She only has one more player that needs her help. Then she can head on home. 

Let’s continue here – Tiffi meets up with Elsa

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