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Rachel says YES!

ElsaElsa Posts: 31,984 Community Hub Moderator

When we last met up with Rancid and Rachel it was during the Dairy District Fall Festival.  She has fond memories of that town and she really liked getting to know Amelia. She got to see another side of Rancid as he volunteered to be the master of ceremonies at the Farm Heroes Got Talent show. Amelia was pleasantly surprised to see the changes in Rancid. Love conquers all, so they say. As the two of them were packing to go home Rachel surprised Rancid by telling him that she is ready to get married. It certainly surprised Rancid and now he can’t wait to get home to put the ring on her finger.    

The next morning, they head on back to the Candy Kingdom. No sooner does Rancid unlock the door and walk inside he heads into the bedroom to get his love the ring. He still can’t believe that she is ready to get married. Rachel unpacks and looks at the pictures taken during the talent show and the farm festival. She is so happy that she won the pumpkin carving contest. She never realized that she had this hidden talent. 

She loves the pictures and can’t wait to show them to her friends. Rancid is turning the bedroom upside down trying to find the engagement ring.  

Aha! He found it. He walks over to Rachel and gets down on his knee. He opens the box with the ring inside. 

“Rachel, my love, will you marry me?” asks Rancid. 

“Yes, Rancid I accept your wedding proposal,” Rachel says. “I told you that I needed more time to get to know you. After seeing and hearing Amelia tell you that she can’t believe the changes in you, that’s when I knew that you had really and truly changed. No more going back to the old Rancid!” 

He puts the ring on her finger and then they decide to go out for dinner to celebrate.

Let’s continue - The two of them discuss wedding plans

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