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Welcome to the King Baking Competition!

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Who do we have here? It looks like Yeti is enjoying a leisurely afternoon in the Chocolate Mountains. 

He hasn’t been here in a while because he has been helping the players with their game levels. He just loves the smell of chocolate. There is no rush for him to go home so he might as well just enjoy the sunshine. He decides to do a Google search but he’s not even sure what he is interested in reading.  As he swipes to look at different articles something catches his eye.

If you enjoy baking, and you enjoy decorating cakes then this competition might just be for you. Can you handle pressure of facing off against 3 other bakers? It may sound like it’s just a fantasy, but you can make it a reality.

Seeking AMATEUR BAKERS or PASTRY CHEFS who know their way around the kitchen.  Do you spend all day at work thinking about what you’d like to bake next? Do you enjoy experimenting with different frostings and decorations? Do you spend a disproportionate amount of time dabbling in the kitchen and feel like you can take down the other competitors to arrive at victory? Apply here for our upcoming Summer Baking Competition! 

“What’s this?” questions Yeti. “I have to call Tiffi to tell her about this!” 

It’s now time to head on home. He has to call his best friend to tell her about this.

Let’s continue - Yeti shares his excitement with Tiffi

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