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❤️ Here I will talk about things that I love..and you are welcome to do the same 😊

AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,796 Legend
edited October 2020 in The Fun Area

🔹Here I will talk about things I love. and you are welcome to do the same ❤️

🔹here put a picture of anything you like and tell us what it is and why you love it.


  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,796 Legend
    edited October 2020


    Why would I love everything about the Batman ? For many reasons .. The first reason because it is among the happy memories .. My father was going with a picnic with me and buying me The Batman Adventures comic book series and a snack and we sat together on the beach of the Alexandria Sea (our sweetie city) .. Yes, I was enjoying the beautiful drawings & beautiful story in the Batman Comics. 

    I also remember that on my birthday when I was young, my mom bought me an animated video of Batman as a gift for my birthday.

    It was Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993) - Video

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  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,796 Legend
    edited October 2020


    Nutcracker is one of the playable characters in Candy Crush Friends Saga.

    Why I like the Nutcracker?

    ✨He wears the blue color, and it is my favorite color.

    ✨He is a male character in the game, and I liked at the beginning of my subscription here to put a male avatar picture and his picture was available and beautiful.

    ✨In addition to the story of his arrival to a beautiful game as he came from another world... other than the world of sweets, but he decided Staying here because he loved the beloved girl, Tiffi .. He is the hero of a love story.

    ✨His design is very beautiful in the form of a beautiful moving toy.

  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,796 Legend

    In addition to the Nutcracker character, I love the "Red Rabbit the Rockstar" character,

    because while playing he uses the power of music through his guitar in the form of a lightning bolt ⚡ and I love to use that lightning bolt while playing. ☺️

    ✨In my childhood I used to imagine myself using these supernatural powers, which is the use of lightning strikes. ⚡

  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,796 Legend
    edited October 2020

    My beloved city, Alexandria

    Alexandria is located in Egypt, a country of ancient history and a crossroads of civilizations..

    Why do I love my city "Alexandria"? ❤️

    🔹 "Alexandria, the mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea". Alexandria is a coastal city located on the Mediterranean Sea, and this means that I have enjoyed going out and strolling in its beautiful beaches all my life 😁

    🔹 Alexandria has passed through many historical civilizations, including the Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic, and Islamic civilizations,

    and this made it a city with many beautiful historical monuments And many historical museums that I enjoy watching and wandering within.

    🔹Of Alexandria museums, I will mention some of them, which are The Graeco-Roman Museum, The Royal Jewelry Museum, The Alexandria National Museum & the Alexandria Museum of Fine Arts....

    🔹"Alexandria is the city of art and beauty".... Alexandria acquired this description because it is a city where many artists were born in .. artists who excelled in various types of art, including plastic artists, and I am among them.... my studies were at Alexandria University in the Faculty of Fine Arts and I graduated from it as an interior designer. The city of beauty, because its artists were interested, at times to decorate it, and at other times to display their art in the art museums spread all over Alexandria.

    🔹The city also boasts many artistic theaters that offer beautiful artistic performances and plays throughout the year.

    🔹And there is the modern Library of Alexandria, which I find wonderful in all aspects, whether its shape, internal and external design, as well as its scientific and cultural influence, and I will talk about it at length in the next comment. ⬇️

  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,796 Legend
    edited October 2020

    The Bibliotheca Alexandrina "Library of Alexandria"

    Alexandria had the largest library in ancient history, and it contained books in various kinds of sciences, arts, literature, philosophy and others, and science seekers and the scientists from all over the world used to come to it ... and unfortunately it was burned in the year 48 BC at the hands of Julius Caesar..... But the Library of Alexandria was revived in the modern era (and that exactly happened in 2002) and was built on a huge area and is now distinguished by a unique aesthetic, because its design combines modernity with the beauty of Pharaonic art.....

    🔹 Many and many books have been placed in it to spread science and culture. Students came to it, scholars and researchers from everywhere....

    🔹also many seminars and lectures are held in its halls designated for this,

    🔹Artistic activities for children and adults in the Department of Arts...

    🔹and also exhibits in it plastic art paintings, artistic sculptural models and historical artifacts in different parts of it. ❤️

  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,796 Legend

    I love to enjoy watching the ancient Egyptian Pharaonic antiquities in the Egyptian Museum....

    🔹I went there once with my wife, and although we saw many of these various artifacts (such as antique statues, furniture, jewelry, coffins, etc inside the museum), we could not see the whole museum, and it became clear in the end that its area is vast and the number of artifacts inside is staggering. 😂

    ~ It was a wonderful day ❤️

    🔹The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, known commonly as the Egyptian Museum or Museum of Cairo, in Cairo, Egypt, is home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. It has 120,000 items, with a representative amount on display, the remainder in storerooms, and it was built in  1901.

  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 7,796 Legend
    edited October 2020

    🔵 Jasmine’s meaning varies by place and culture, but it often symbolizes lovebeauty or sensuality.

    🔵 Its pure white blossoms can also symbolize purity.

    🔵 Because the small, unassuming white flowers bloom at night with such a powerful scent, jasmine sometimes symbolizes the value of modesty.

    🔵 In Thailand, jasmine represents motherhood and signifies love and respect.

    🔵 In Indonesia, jasmine is found at weddings, particularly on the island of Java.

    🔵 In the Philippines, where jasmine was introduced in the 1700s, jasmine is a symbol of honour and respect, and dignitaries are often presented with jasmine wreaths.

    🔵 Jasmine is commonly used in Hindu rituals across India, and women often wear it in their hair as a symbol of good fortune.

    🔵In Renaissance Italy, the pure white jasmine flowers became associated with the purity of Mary, and jasmine flowers are shown in many religious paintings.

    🔵 Many cities and countries have adopted jasmine as their symbol, including the Syrian city of Damascus, as well as Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Tunisia. It’s not the official state flower of Hawaii (that’s hibiscus) but it’s an unofficial favourite. Pikake, as jasmine is called in Hawaii, is frequently woven into leis.

    🔵 The word jasmine derives from the Persian “yasameen”, meaning “gift from God”.

    🔵 Jasmine is sometimes referred as “Queen of the Night”,

    both because it blooms at night, and because the luscious fragrance is thought to inspire feelings of sensuality, intimacy, romance & love.

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