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Dachs Delivery Service: completing “Daily Quests” for the Team Task of “Complete 10 Daily Quests”

Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

Since each player only gets 3 Daily Quests, completing the Team Task of 10 Daily Quests must be accomplished by multiple players. The most efficient way to do that is for each team member check out the requirements for their 3 Daily Quests and then backtrack to the best previous levels to solve the easiest Quests. If you are given the Daily Quests of “Destroy 40 mints”, “Match 100 blue candies with Nutcracker “, and “Create 250 Fish”

then you can use your record of past levels to choose one with Nutcracker such as the multi-screen level 4341 that offers Nutcracker:

Since 4341 is has multiple screens, the required blue candies were matched in 2 lives.

To destroy 40 mints and create fish at the same time, I chose level 4350 that offered Tifi who creates 3 fish on each cycle.

This way I was able to destroy the required mints in another 3 lives while creating many fish and make progress on satisfying the third of my Daily Quests.


  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    Trying to help my team complete its “10 Quest” Team Task for this Dachs Delivery, I approached my 3 Daily Quests of “matching 180 Blue Candies”, “matching 900 Cyan Candies with Yeti”, and “create 8 Color Bombs”by checking my records for previous levels, and found that Level 4341 was a 3-screen level with Yeti as the second choice and included Blue candies. So i used 4341 until I matched the 180 Blue Candies,

    And then shifted to Level 4321 to get a 4-color level with Yeti, which would allow me to more easily match Cyan candies with Yeti while also creating the remaining Color Bombs (note at far right says “Glue/Color balls”, which is my shorthand for lots of Coloring Candies and Color Bombs!).

    Completing all 3 Daily Quests took about 5-7 lives , which seemed a very efficient way to do that and help my team get the required 10 Quests.

    Happy crushing!

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  • Uncle_BobUncle_Bob Posts: 162 Level 3

    With a detailed record of the past levels, when I received these 3 Daily Quests:

    I checked and found Level 4390 was a 3-screen level that offered both Dachs and Misty. First using Dachs for a couple lives, I completed the “create 30 striped candies “ quest, and a couple more lives to complete the “match 400 purple candies with Odus” quest because kn a multi-screen level you typically match 110-150 candies of each color per attempt. Switching to Misty a final couple of lives completed the “match 250 orange candies which Misty” quest.

    Since Dachs Delivery Service has now ended, I felt free to take advantage of viewing the ad videos for extra credit for more lollipop hammers to build up my supply again!

    When I’m playing DDS, I just view the ad videos for the “+4 moves” when I’m close to solving a level, but do not view the ads for any other reason as there seems to be a limit of 5-8 ad videos offered in a 24-hour period. Does anyone else have a more precise fix on exactly how that limit on ad videos is enforced?

    Happy Crushing!

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