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I don't mean to complain but

usually i don't complain but i had an account and when I tried to log in it wouldn't let me and i had to get a different account.


  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 3,222 Friends Moderator

    Hello @cookiesandmilk15,

    WELCOME to our Friendtastic community. We are glad that you found your way into the Friends forum.

    If you need help, please make your request in the Support section in the future. A normal discussion is not reported as urgent and can easily go unnoticed.

    Without more information about your issue, I suggest you visit the community Help Center here and see if you can find suggestions to address your issue.

    Otherwise, can you give us more information about your issue? For example, we need to know what device you play on (PC with Windows 10, Facebook or King.com, Apple or android mobile device, etc.)

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