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Why does the game keep making me unable to move?

iculkniculkn Posts: 8 Level 2

Here we go again getting totally hosed. I could have easily beat this level but nope. It just stops letting me make moves again. Current version, cleared cache. Fresh restart of phone. Still nothing. This is the second time in two days. This time I recorded it. Unreal how much I keep losing boosters and perks because if this constant breakdown in the game.


  • iculkniculkn Posts: 8 Level 2

    I have video of it but this forum won't let me share with. More failure to show how much friends saga just fails.

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 3,491 Friends Moderator
    edited January 11

    Hello @iculkn,

    I am glad you found our forum where we are happy to help you. To better investigate your issue, please provide answers to the following questions:

    1. What device are you playing on? Please note that troubleshooting tips for various devices can be found here.

    2. What is your User ID?

    3. Do you have at least 2GB of free memory on your device?

    4. Do you regularly clear the cache on your device?

    In the meantime, are you able to login on a different device or in a different browser and play Candy Crush Friends?

  • iculkniculkn Posts: 8 Level 2

    Couldn't tell you my user id because the app always tells me there is a connection error when I try to get it. It don't visible anywhere for me right now.

    I have about 1000 times more space then 2GB. If you bothered to read the first post you would see the steps already taken.

    Thanks but no thanks for the automatic response.

  • MountainMomMountainMom Posts: 3,491 Friends Moderator


    We do not have automatic responses in this community. I read your initial post and saw that you had addressed many of the recommended troubleshooting steps, but you did not mention your free memory. If you are unable to access your User ID due to a connection error, the issue seems to be related to your Internet connection and your device. The only way I can forward your issue to our Studio of developers is to have your User ID. Alternatively, you can reach them using the "Contact us" hyperlink at the bottom of this page. We appreciate your patience while we try to help you resolve your issue. In the meantime, please troubleshoot your Internet connection.

  • iculkniculkn Posts: 8 Level 2

    1652792440 is my ID. It finally came up.

    Keep in mind this has happened multiple times and usually shortly after updates. Video link below

    Go to https:// photos . app . goo . gl / kBNnu3BcU4effjQG7

    But remove the spaces and you can see it live

  • me6412me6412 Posts: 8,710 Pro Player 👑

    My friend,

    My friend,

    This happened to me several times and over and over until I just about deleted the app from my device completely until I figured out that first I had to update the game, clear out my old emails to free up space, then log in and then back out then in again....

    Yes this is a lot to do but it worked because I even lost my booster's one time when it frozen on me as I tried to get it to let me make a move and it just did nothing, nothing at all and when I used a Candy Hammer to try and get it to work only thing happened was I lost my Candy Hammer and it was still frozen screen...uurrrggg....that's when I figured it out...so I hope this helps you out my friend, or if not you lost nothing....by try atleast my friend 😉💯

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