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(ENDED) 😉 Voting for the 89th Friendly Weekend Challenge ✅

DieOmimi Posts: 25,126 Friends Moderator
edited November 2022 in Contests

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It's time for this week's survey to determine what challenge you'd like to see in the next weekend challenge? Remember that you can vote on whether you want to be a participant or just a spectator!

The most frequently chosen task applies to both the 89th Weekend Challenge and the current week of the November Champions of Champions Challenge.

This survey ends on Thursday, November 10, 2022, at 4 p.m. Central European Time

(ENDED) 😉 Voting for the 89th Friendly Weekend Challenge ✅ 24 votes

Collect triplets (3 identical digits side by side) in your score
dananelleLaurenmlhLa LeyLoveDachsBuffaloGal57hudus 6 votes
Get the most quest rewards
marebear1264MiladyRmaf34100wykoonDieOmimiPrincess_JessicaNadia1770Moh1977gordan10Palash_SarmasimplyPKiranSaniPClark1974cjpineda884 14 votes
Highest score of 2 levels (the first and last level of an episode)
istuffMountainMomBellamy32SgtCowboi 4 votes


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